Check Cashing Stores

Check cashing stores rejoice, Cash4Swipe is here!

Cash4Swipe is a new payment system that allows customers to now use their ATM/Debit cards with a terminal or a PC. Our Cash4Swipe service acts like an ATM for you. It’s similar to getting cash back at a grocery store with a small fee charged to the customer for the service. Your customers can use it to pay for services or even unload debit and prepaid cards. Now a customer can cash his or her check, pay bills, complete money transfers, and buy money orders all in one place, without making a separate trip to an ATM.

The customer is able to check his or her card balance before making a withdrawal at the terminal. Similar to when a customer uses an ATM, the customer will use his or her PIN. This makes for a safe and easy transaction.

There are no minimum withdrawal amounts to use our service and the customer is able to withdraw any amount up to their daily card limit. Maximum amounts vary and are determined by the debit card issuer. Customers who are unsure what their limits are will need to contact the debit card issuer for details.

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Merchants Choice is the industry leader for a reason. Our product gives you the opportunity to run your business as you always have, with the added convenience of our Debit ATM terminal.

Sit back, turn up your speakers, and learn a little more about the benefits of working with Merchants Choice!

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